Habitat for Humanity - Erie, PA

Educational Programs

Girls Build

The Girls Build program teachs girls the importance of getting involved with their local communities, the reality of poverty housing, how Habitat for Humanity works to partner with families and the benefits of homeownership and safe neighborhoods and the importance of giving back.

This program was designed in acknowledging that girls today face pressures from society and their peers that are different from those of just a generation ago. Making right decisions in this kind of environment can be difficulty for any girl especially those in lower socio-economic conditions. This program was designed by Habitat for Humanity International and won an American In-house Design Award. Our local affiliate has offered this program twice with great feedback from participants.

The program educates groups of up to 10 girls between the target ages of 10 – 12 about community design, building homes, home buying, Habitat for Humanity, giving back, and the ways in which girls and women can actively meet those needs. It will give the girls and opportunity to build esteem as they learn about themselves, homeownership, and the community. It also offers opportunities for the girls to consider professions in areas that have been male dominated.

Volunteers interested in helping with this program should contact our volunteer coordinator. We are currently looking to offer this program in one or more schools this Fall. If you are a teacher or have a connection to an after-school program, please contact us for more information about how to get this great program into your school or after-school program.

Build a Better World

Build a Better World: Habitat for Humanity Youth Activities Poster is a resource designed by Habitat for Humanity International’s Youth Programs department, whose mission is to capture the imagination, energy and hope of young people worldwide in order to productively and responsibly involve them as leaders in the work of Habitat for Humanity. The poster is available here locally by contacting our program coordinator.

Build a Better World has a variety of projects for youth to complete. In the process, they learn about housing poverty in the world and what Habitat for Humanity is doing to eliminate it. Upon completion of the tasks, the group will get a sticker to place on the poster. The Greater Erie Area Habitat for Humanity has adapted these tasks and created a schedule of monthly program.

Some example activities include:

  • Listening to a speaker from Habitat for Humanity
  • Playing the Price is Right with Habitat facts
  • Learning what affordable housing is by budgeting
  • Learning about wants and needs
  • Making welcome home cards and signs
  • Making a model Habitat house

Greater Erie Area Habitat for Humanity will provide you with the materials & instruction for the Build a Better World poster and the activities that go along with it. Habitat for Humanity does not only build homes with people but we also want to educate our youth about housing issues in a fun and engaging manner.

If you are a teacher or have a connection to a youth organization, please contact us for more information about how to get this great program into your school or organization program.

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