Habitat for Humanity - Erie, PA

Special Builds

Faith Build 2013

This years Faith Build was determined by a volunteer vote and became known as "The House that Grace Built". This was our fastest build ever...just 14 days! We began on June 10 and dedicated the house on June 23rd! It was an awesome build and we are so grateful to the over 35 churches who supported this year's build. If you want to check out photos, we posted them on our Facebook Page.

The House that 'Hurst Built Dedication

On Sunday, November 4, 2012, friends, family, volunteers and supporters all gathered on Woodlawn Avenue to bless another Habitat house.

With more than 500 volunteers over a 4 week period, students, faculty and administrators from Mercyhurst University made a dream come true for one deserving family.

.June 2012 was a historic event

This is our annual partnership with the Faith community to construct a Habitat home in JUST 21 DAYS! However, this year was different. Because we had 2 lots left in that neighborhood, we weren't going to build just one but TWO Habitat homes in JUST 21 Days!

This was a big endeavor and needed everyone's help beginning with prayers for the success of the project. We hoped to raise more than $40,000 towards the materials for these houses; needed lots of volunteers to help build, to make snacks and lunches. There was a part for everyone.

Watch the video by clicking Joy & Peace

You can make a donation today toward future faith builds by clicking here.

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The House that Love Built

First came Faith, then came Hope and in 2011 Love arrived. In June 2011, we brought together more than 400 volunteers and 50 Churches to bring LOVE to this neighborhood. Despite a few challenges with the weather, the volunteers arrived willing to serve in whatever capacity they were needed. The build was a huge success. We had volunteers who worked on all 3 faith builds and we had new volunteers and new churches. There was a place for everyone and the fellowship was incredible. The dedication on Sunday, June 26th was the largest dedication to date. The Perez-Rodriguez family was so grateful to all the volunteers and for the opportunity available to them through Habitat for Humanity.

The House that Hope Built

June of 2010 was the 2nd ecumenical build. The House that Hope Built was constructed right next door to Faith. It was appropriately named Hope for two reasons: first, we hoped that we could do this again and get all the volunteers and money that we needed. Second, as it turned out, the family that eventually earned this home did not qualify their first time applying. They didn't give up hope and re-applied and with a slight change in their family circumstances, they were accepted and later became the Hope Family.

We were blessed to have Z3 Concepts videotape this build. Please check out the video.

The House that Faith Built

In celebration of our 20th Anniversary in 2009, we decided to highlight our Christian Roots and bring together the faith community to help build a house. At the same time, we were also interested in testing our construction schedule and decided to combine the two. We took our normal 6 month building schedule and condensed it into only 21 days for this build. We trusted that we would get the volunteers from the Church community, the money to build the house and that the condensed construction schedule would work. As a result, "The House that Faith Built" was aptly named.

This build was blessed by God and exceeded our wildest dreams. Before the build was even over, volunteers were asking "When are we going to do this again?" Thus the themed accelerated build series was launched.

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