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Using RSS Feeds on our Site

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Learn more about how to use these feeds

To get an up-to-date content from our site as soon as it becomes available you can subscribe to various RSS Feeds from our Website. Simply follow the 3 steps below...

STEP 1 - Get an RSS reader

You can use an online reader which works from any web browser, or you can download software that runs on your computer.

STEP 2 - Enter the location of the RSS feed

Navigate to the Section of the Website that features the up-to-date information (usually News Section or Blog) and add the feed to your RSS reader by copying the link from Subscribe to RSS

STEP 3 - Read the Most Current Info

Your RSS reader periodically retrieves the latest content from our Website so you will always have the latest headlines

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication." It is a standard format used to share content on the Internet. Many websites provide RSS "feeds" that describe their latest news and updates.

How can I use RSS?

You can use RSS to review updates from all of your favorite websites without having to visit each site. Using an RSS reader, you subscribe to the feed from a website, then scan headlines to find articles of interest. If you find an article you like, click the headline to read the complete article.

You always have the latest headlines because your RSS reader periodically retrieves the RSS feeds.

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