Habitat for Humanity - Erie, PA

Olango/Angelo Family

Edward Olango and Victoria Angelo are originally from Sudan. After leaving Sudan, they spent 3 years in Egypt where Edward was detained. They finally arrived in Erie in 2002. Currently Edward works night shift in the receiving warehouse at Plastek Industries. Victoria works in the day care at St. Martin’s Center.

Edward and Victoria are the proud parents of 9 children. They have 4 sons and 5 daughters. The children who will be living with them at their new Habitat house include Emmanual who is 21 years old, Esta, 18 years old, Helen, 12 years old, Hannah, 11 years old, Henry, 7 years old, Honest, 5 years old, and Hope is 3 years old.

Edward and Victoria are excited to be a part of the Habitat for Humanity experience. They are excited to learn more about how to build and say they have learned so much already. They cannot wait to become homeowners and have a good, safe house to accommodate their large family.

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